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Nowadays, data science becomes more and more important for all
research areas and our society. The role of data science is to analyze
various data using mathematics and informatics, judge the analysis
results, and derive new knowledge from them. Since there are huge
variations in the target data and the purpose of analysis, we need to
have comprehensive knowledge about data science.

Kyushu University has established Mathematical and Data Science
Education and Research Center in October 2017 by the support of the
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).
With the slogan of “Open Science and Open Education with Open Mind”,
the center aims to educate all students from all research fields about
data science through various education programs.

Members of the center are not limited to mathematics and informatics
but are also spread across various departments such as the Faculty of
Humanities, Faculty of Design, the University Hospital, the Faculty of
Engineering, and the Graduate School of Library Science. Through the
activities of our center, we will go “beyond the boundaries between
departments and research fields”, while enhancing the university-wide